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Sound investing is about reducing risks.

Lumbard Investment Counseling is a traditional investment advisory firm. located in Hollis, NH.

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 Lumbard Investment Counseling maintains an unusually low ratio of clients to investment counselors.


Lumbard Investment Counseling is engaged in the management of equity and fixed income securities on behalf of endowments and foundations.


For more than three decades, we’ve been tracking the performance of a single fee-paying account—one that may or may not have the same income and risk objectives that you have. We now face restrictions on publishing the unique historical performance of this portfolio in our newsletter or on our website due to the SEC’s amended Advisers Act Rule 206(4)-1 (the Marketing Rule). However, we continue to track it internally. This record demonstrates the effect that our risk management efforts have contributed to long-term performance.

If you are investigating the suitability of our firm for your unique needs, as we move forward we will disclose whatever information that you require to make a decision. Call 800-LUMBARD (586-2273)

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